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“Each step we took… revealed a new Horizon.”

Sivantos today is an undisputed Market leader selling more hearing aids than any other companies in India. Sivantos introduced Best Sound centre concept in India in the year 2012 starting with a courageous core of six centres and is envisaging operating more than 200+ centers by 2019.

The thought behind opening BestSound Center is to provide a professional approach to the hearing needs, state-of-art facility that includes accurate testing by qualified professionals. BestSound Center exclusively promotes Signia products and extends audiological services like audiometry, counselling and speech therapy. We maintain uniformity of services in BestSound Centers across the country. BestSound Centers provide the end users a world-class experience.

BestSound Centers are supported by Sivantos through regular trainings of staff by company personnel and marketing promotions of the centre to create brand awareness in the locality. Each year through this association, upto 90,000 end users visit BestSound Centers to seek advice for their hearing problem.

The BestSound Center is the largest hearing aid retail chain operating in India with its unique characteristic of being like a franchisee and local entrepreneurship.