Signia Pure Charge&Go Nx Hearing Aid

Direct Streaming, Own Voice Processing & Rechargeability

Signia Pure Charge&Go hearing aid is the most natural own voice with the convenience of wireless rechargeability
Enjoying the great outdoors with friends, conducting long business meetings, listening to your favorite podcast or music – no matter how much activity and work you like to pack into your day, Signia’s longer-lasting Pure™ Charge&Go keeps going with you. True to its name, Signia Pure Charge&Go hearing aid can be fully charged while you sleep so that it’s always ready to go when you are.

Wireless Charging
Signia’s Pure Charge&Go hearing aid comes with its inductive charger: The hearing aids start charging automatically when you place them in the charger and turn on automatically when you take them out.

Durable high performance
Thanks to its rechargeable, high capacity lithium-ion power cell, Signia’s Pure Charge&Go offers a long-lasting, superior hearing experience even when you’re streaming audio. Stream your favorite opera straight into your ears, discreetly adjust the volume according to suit your wishes while watching a new production of a theater classic on TV or hear the fastest route to the most famous sights from your navigation app – all you need is a smartphone. Via the myControl App, our new hearing aids offer you supreme connectivity for audio streaming from various sources and remote control – all at your fingertips.

Connect to Ease of Control
Stream phone calls directly from your Apple smartphone (and with StreamLine Mic from your Android smartphone) to your hearing aids for complete convenience.

Listen to your favorite music streamed directly into your hearing aids from your Apple device (and with StreamLine Mic from your Android device) for an outstanding sound experience.

With StreamLine TV, audio from your television can be fed directly into your hearing aids. You can even start streaming and adjust the volume by using myControl App.

Accessories for your ear.

MyControl App
Full control in your hands. The myControl App puts complete control of your new Siemens hearing aids at your fingertips. Available for iOS and Android phones, the app offers advanced remote control options so you can change settings and personalize your hearing aids according to your individual preferences.
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