What If Something Goes Into  Your Ear
Itchy Ears

Do not Ignore this could be a cause of concern
When some foreign body enters your ear while sitting somewhere outdoor say a park or during your camping or excursion with your friends. The insect may die while inside your ear. It’s harmless but there could be a complication if the insect is not removed quickly.

What could happen if the insect is still alive inside my ear?
You might experience a buzzing sound and pain if the insect is still alive. There could an injury to the tissues resulting in some redness and swelling, in some cases one can see a “pus” or “blood” discharge. In the case of children, it is very difficult for them to express except cry or scratch and it may be a sign of bug inside the ear canal. An important part of the removal process for a bug is to remain calm. Try removing the bug from the ear canal at home first. Don’t use a cotton swab or other probing objects. It can push the insect farther into the ear and potentially damage the middle ear or eardrum resulting in hearing loss.

What are the home remedies in this kind of situation?
One can use baby oil if the insect is alive it will die then use some safe object to remove the bug. Meet an ENT specialist immediately in case of children and do not try to be a doctor as soon as possible else there are chances of infection.

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