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C.C. Saha Ltd. – Kolkata
- Mr. Vikram Saha

“Siemens was one of the 1st company that we get in very big way. Siemens brand name is always reassurance and that always as credibility to this hearing aid innovations to the product, features and to the all service expectation. Sivantos transformed itself to a customer friendly, approachable and a more hands on company.”

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Ephphatha Speech & Hearing – Kerala
Mrs. Manju Thomas &
Mr. Thomas Jose

“Hearty congrats Sivantos and joyfully wish you on completing successfully 20 years of service in India.”

Manju Thomas

Hearing Solutions Pvt. Ltd. – Hyderabad.
- Mr. Rajapandian S

“Our association with Sivantos started way back in 2006. The new management has successfully taken the mantle from the predecessors and marched towards 21st year of operation in India by maintaining the Number 1 position in industry.”

Hope Enterprise – New Delhi
- Mrs. Neelam Verma

“It was of the Siemens team that gave all possible support. The support was not only technical but also administrative and emotional as well as motivational and we are very happy that the present team has raised the support to new levels and we are more excited to work with Sivantos.”

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Neelam Verma

Mathur Radio & Engineering Works – Lucknow
- Mr. Madhavendra Chandra

“Since 1996, I am as loyal as can be with Sivantos. It’s a long journey and pleasant one because I always find Sivantos people and the company beside me whenever i am dispensing hearing aids to my patients. All my patients personally feel very satisfied with Signia. Regarding the product they are very effective and my patients are happy with it. Team Sivantos were always with me whenever needed and I am very happy with Sivantos.”

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Muskan Speech & Hearing – Jalandhar
- Mrs. Soniya Gera

“In my initial stage I contacted Sivantos for hearing aids for my center and they immediately agreed to help me without much terms and conditions. Products are very good. With my hard work and quality of the product, I am able to achieve great height. Sivantos team is friendly, nice to talk to and ready to help at any time whether I need audiological, technical support or any type of promotional activities.”

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Natasha D'Souza

Natasha D'Souza Hearing Aid – Mumbai
- Ms. Natasha D'Souza

“It has been 20 years of relationship with Sivantos and I couldn't have been more blessed and grateful for this relationship. My heartfelt thanks to the team working behind the scene to make sure that the customer’s needs are met. Its amazing how Sivantos team, a huge family, has ably been able to take the foundation forward, make it successful and continue to make it grow.”

Punjab Optical House – New Delhi
- Mr. Yash Malik

“Our association with Sivantos is more than two decades. I congratulate Sivantos India on completing 20 years of glories period.”

Yash Malik
Prabha Unadkat

Quality Hearing Care – Mumbai
- Mrs. Prabha Unadkat

“I would like to mention few things about Sivantos which has impressed me very much. Time taken for the repair and service is not too long and the cost of the service is very affordable. Sivantos have provided good training to our staff and this has helped us in managing our clinic well. I wish Sivantos a bright future and also congratulate them on completion of 20 years.”

Shravana Hearing Aid Center – Bellary
- Mrs. Chandrika Prasad & Mr. Raghavendra Prasad

“We started our journey with Siemens since 1998. We have multiple hearing aid centers in Karnataka and we are with Siemens / Sivantos for last 21 years. Our is the 1st BestSound Center in India. It gives us immense pleasure to be associate with Sivantos. The bond between Shravana Hearing Aid Centre and Sivantos excellent.”

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John Zargar

Sound For Life – Gurgaon
Mr. John Zargar

“Sivantos is manufacturer of word-class hearing aids that is technically very good. Sivantos provides world class service to customer.”

Vir International – New Delhi
- Mr. Dharminder Singh

“Congratulation Sivantos for completing 20 years in India. Our center, Vir International, is associate with Sivantos for last 20 years. Vir International is the 1st BestSound Center in Delhi. We always get support from Sivantos team from their offices in Bangalore and Delhi.”

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Dharminder Singh