Technology,Revolutionizing hearing aids.

New way to control your hearing aids. Technology has revolutionized hearing technology and it’s getting better all the time. As well as enhancing the features of hearing devices, the latest technology gives  complete control over the hearing aids. It easy for the user to have additional control over their hearing instruments.…continue reading →

Hearing Aid Troubleshooting

Hearing Aid troubleshooting should be known by people who are wearing hearing aids. There are lots of things that can go wrong with your hearing aid, especially if you’ve been using it for a long time. It’s important to know what to do about these issues so you can troubleshoot them…continue reading →

Untreated hearing loss and their impacts on health and lifestyle.

Did you know?, untreated hearing loss impacts you health and lifestyle in many ways some of which are as follows: COGNITIVE DECLINE Adults with hearing loss experience a 30–40% faster decline in cognitive abilities than those with normal hearing. HEART HEALTHY A healthy cardiovascular system has a positive effect on…continue reading →
Tips for Communicating with a Hearing impaired

Tips for Communicating with a Hearing impaired

Hearing aids are beneficial in many situations. However, there are some listening events where hearing aids alone cannot provide enough benefit. In those situations, communication partners can help the person with hearing loss be more successful in hearing. Below are are some tips for Communicating with a Hearing impaired. a. Face…continue reading →