Hearing Loss And How To Survive A Party?

Hearing loss and how to still enjoy parties which are great fun, but it is better to be prepared for it especially when you are listening with the help of hearing aid. It is good to take precautions when the noise level is a bit erratic in such situations.

When having a Hearing loss and Parties being the favorite for all, and there are often many social events to attend for both friends and family, not to mention all those ends of year work parties! It’s a great time to relax and to catch up with friends and family and to eat plenty of delicious festive feasts!. One needs to take necessary precautions in such situations, especially when having a hearing loss and wearing a hearing aid so that the party is enjoyed along with everyone without any interruption.

But as fun as the Christmas festivities are, having a house or venue full of people chatting, kids playing games, and Christmas carols blaring, can be very daunting for those who are hard of hearing.

But don’t worry! We’ve got some great tips for surviving such parties with your ears and sanity intact.

Pick your spot wisely!

  • Sit somewhere with a wall behind you, this will make it much easier to hear a conversation and you won’t be distracted by a noise behind you. This is particularly helpful if you’re dining out. Don’t be too shy to ask the host if you can pick your seat.
  • If one ear is better than the other, place yourself so that the ear is facing towards the majority of the conversation.
  • When picking a restaurant, try to choose one without loud music or concrete flooring. If you can, find a table that’s away from speakers, heavy traffic and the kitchen area.

Talk to those sitting next to you!

  • Don’t try to talk across the table, talking to those next to you will make the conversation easier to follow, and we find it’s better for having a quality catch up with a friend or relative.
  • If someone across the table wants to chat with you, ask to switch seats or to continue the conversation later.
  • To mix up your conversation buddies a little, suggest rotating seating positions for dessert.

Start the conversation!

It’s much easier to follow a conversation if you’ve set the topic, and it’ll give you a nice boost your confidence to initiate the conversation and to be talking about something you’re familiar with.

Wear your hearing aids!

Lots of people don’t like to wear their hearing aids to social gatherings but they really can help a lot. Make sure you experiment with a few settings to find what’s optimal for you.


  • If they’re not already aware, tell those sitting next to you that you have hearing difficulties – this can avoid hurt feelings if you don’t respond to them straight away because you haven’t heard them.
  • Be patient! Some people may not have had much experience dealing with hearing loss so explaining patiently early on will help you feel empowered and in control rather than feeling left out or patronized.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask people to repeat themselves – ask for exactly what you missed to show you’re paying attention, for example, “what did you say your friend’s job was?”
  • People want to be understood and many would be glad for advice on how they can help you hear better – So don’t be afraid to ask them to speak clearly, avoid covering their mouths, and face you so you can lip read. Being clear from the get-go will go a long way to avoiding any potential frustration from both parties.

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    Citation “Shari Eberts” – living with hearing loss blog

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